Paxman Toilet & Showers

Paxman Head Quarters

DDA toilet & shower installation

About – Geckops has recently carried out an extensive refurbishment of the ground floor of the Paxmans scalp cooling building situated in Farley Tyers, Huddersfield. The project involved the installation of a modern kitchen, a spacious dining area, and state-of-the-art toilet and shower facilities. In addition, glass office screens and doors were expertly installed to elevate the aesthetic and functional appeal of the space.

Furthermore, Geckops takes pride in providing accessible facilities to accommodate the specific needs of commercial-use buildings. As part of the refurbishment project, a new disabled suite was fitted to comply with DDA regulations. Previously, Paxmans lacked a dedicated DDA toilet or shower, but Geckops has modernised the area to meet the specific requirements of the building, providing a practical and stylish solution for staff & visitors with disabilities.

Outcome of works

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