Approved Roof, Damp &
Remedial Works

Repairs, Restores, Installations & Renders

Geckops has a highly trained and experienced team, that is focused on providing exceptional damp repair, roofing and remedial works.

We work closely with our clients, recognising every project is different –  identifying the cause and requirements to find the right solution for you. We want to build long-lasting relationships based on the quality of our repairs.

We take pride in all our roof, damp remedial works – completing to a very high standard to guarantee that repairs or replacements are long-lasting and not short term solutions.

What we offer:

We are certified and qualified to undertake roofing work from minor repairs to full re-roofs. We closely work with our clients to access the cause of your problem and find the best long-lasting solution to fully restore your roof.

At geckops we are experts in many types of re-roofs and new roofing installations. We have a skilled & trained team ready to help. We thoroughly investigate the roof and evaluate if repairs will not suffice and therefore a re-roof is required. All works are carried out to a high standard and compliance.

We render walls to a high standard, having experience in a whole range of render types and different situations, such as restoring and eradicating damp. Geckops understand the importance of building a trusting relationship with our clients right from the start and we have trained professionals to carry out the work.

Upon request our surveyor will visit your site and carry out a full survey, followed up with a detailed report, including a site plan and proposed specification of works. The units we specify and install range from a kitchen or bathroom fan to whole house ventilation solutions. Additional recommendations such as to increase air flow using ventilation or areas requiring chemical wash down will also be included within the report where necessary. We undertake all types of damp works, including, sub floor basement tanking (this system can convert a damp unusable cellar into a fully habitable space) and sump and ground floor tanking solutions to rectify rising damp issues.


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